1-to-1 Private Tutoring

$ 95.00

1-to-1 tutoring with a TestMagic professional instructor (in person at TestMagic or by video/phone). Rates listed are for one hour of tutoring. (Minimum of ten hours, please.) Discounts available for prepayment of 20 hours or more. Rates are higher for senior instructors, PhDs, MDs, JDs, MBAs, and MAs.

Video is tutoring available (with screen-sharing and whiteboard functions). You will need a computer with an Internet connection, and some sort of audio or video to use all the features.

Quick bios of instructors (staff videos):

Note: All TestMagic Instructors have a college degree or higher. (No high school or college students.)
  • Erin B: BA in English from George Mason University; MA in Education from SFSU (in progress). Founder of TestMagic. [Level 3] (Limited availability)
  • James M: PhD (ABD) in Economics from the University of Southern California. Very energetic, experienced, and compassionate. [Level 2]
  • Linda P: BA in Molecular Cell Biology from UC Berkeley. Whip-smart, focused, and witty. [Level 2]
  • Eva M: BA in Psychology from SFSU. Well-rounded and strict; loves statistics. Also Operations Manager at TestMagic. [Level 1]
  • Eamon Q: PhD in Neuroscience from University of Colorado. BSc in Neuroscience from Brown University. Cheerful, friendly, knowledgeable in many areas. [Level 1]

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